Concert & Festival Experiences

I go to the odd concert now and again and have been to a couple of music festivals through the years.

Listening Post

The music event mashup I had here has been merged into my Spotify playlist sharing site.

Original Music Items

This is our collection of original music items such as CDs and good ol' vinyl records. I have mainly put the lists on here for personal reasons. Putting it on the web means 24/7 access to the information for me. I am aware that some items are listed more than once. This is not an error. We simply happen to own several copies of some items.


I own way too many bootlegs but am currently not actively trading. You can have a look at the list. If you are desperate to get one of them I might make an exception.



Memorabilia Collection

Our list of ticket stubs from concerts, posters, fan club newsletters and so on collected over now many years.