Microsoft is Dead

Paul Graham has a new essay out called Microsoft is Dead. Obviously caused a bit of a stir in the groups of people not getting it.

Personally I laughed out loud reading the last line of the last paragraph.

2007/Apr/9 at 16:16

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Tickets for Pearl Jam in Munich, Düsseldorf, London and Copenhagen

We managed to get Ten Club (fan club) tickets for the Munich, Düsseldorf, London and Copenhagen Pearl Jam shows. What a fucking blast that is going to be.

I’m obviously looking very much forward to their return to Danish soil for the first time since the Roskilde tragedy in 2000. The show in Forum, Copenhagen will no doubt be very special.

2007/Jan/31 at 12:08

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US strikes on al-Qa'ida chiefs kill nomads

Largely unreported in the world media – as usual. The US fucks up again.

“The herdsmen had gathered with their animals around large fires at night to ward off mosquitoes. But lit up by the flames, they became latest victims of America’s war on terror.”

Link to story

2007/Jan/16 at 16:36

Separate einz small Cartoons of the Year 2006 has a great selection of political cartoons of the year. Link here.

2007/Jan/2 at 19:04

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A Second Life

Not being one to follow crowds I decided to try out Second Life to see what all the buzz / hype was about. After a gruelling long tutorial I finally enter the actual “game”. It’s not a game in the classic sense but a huge virtual community where just about anything virtual is possible.

When you enter Second Life you don’t have a dime on your hands but there are many ways to get Linden dollars which is the currency used in Second Life. One way of earning some green is by standing on a stupid little pad in some party like area for ten minutes or so and dance. That’ll give you a few bucks. The dancing happens automatically so you can just kick back an watch your avatar groove.

Obviously this technique requires sadomasochistic tendencies to endure for more than two minutes. This has to be the loser thing to do.

It so happens that prostitution is a well established trade in Second Life. Who’d have thought it? So tomorrow or sometime soon I’ll see if I can vamp myself into some nice little hoochie whore from hell and suck some Linden green from unsuspecting Jack the Ripper wannabes.

As you can tell I’m struggling to find myself in this game.

2006/Dec/29 at 02:39

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Top 10 Hugo Sanchez Goals

Grande, grande, grande.

2006/Dec/6 at 18:19

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Auto Mounting Samba Shares in Ubuntu is Broken

The title speaks for itself. If you have auto mounting shares in your /etc/fstab the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) daemon will cause some serious malfunction. Hell, I couldn’t even ssh to the box.

Now how silly a bug is that? This is precisely the reason why I bought a MacBook Pro. No idiotic problems like this to waste my precious time on. Doesn’t matter whether it’s any flavour of BSD, Linux or Windows. There will always, or at least for the next many years to come, be lots of these little annoying bugs here and there to spend time fixing. In OS X stuff just works and you can spend your time being productive.

Bug discussion here.

A remedy of sorts (as described by some bloke in the discussion) is to add the noauto option to the Samba mounts and then mount the shares in /etc/rc.local.

I’m so happy I’m not using Linux/BSD for the desktop anymore.

2006/Dec/6 at 00:12

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Tom Waits on Letterman

Interview and performance on Letterman. Tom cracks me up.

2006/Nov/28 at 19:20

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The Simpsons Movie Trailer

Trailer for the movie.

2006/Nov/25 at 21:44

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Tom Waits - Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards

One disc of Tom Waits is usually enough to have me raving with superlatives so a 3 disc effort is nothing short of phenomenal. Each disc on Orphans has it’s own theme. Brawlers is the rowdy more aggressive side, Bawlers is the ballads and slower songs while Bastards is a mix of everything. All three sides are excellent listening and I would personally rate it as one his best efforts ever. That’s saying something considering his back catalogue.

2006/Nov/24 at 13:40

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