Layne Staley R.I.P.

Down in a hole. Layne Staley of Alice In Chains has died. Overdosed on heroin apparently as countless talented musicians has before him. During the nineties AiC was one of my favourite bands. Got seriously hooked on “Would?” from their 1992 album Dirt.

2002/Apr/22 at 02:13

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Are You Passionate?

Got the new Neil Young album Are You Passionate?. Very good album. In the last few days I have rediscovered my Denon AHD-750 headphones. It’s a whole different experience listening to music through a quality pair of headphones.

A small plane crashed in the tallest building in Milano, Italy. Talk about flashback. What the hell is the world coming to these days?

In other news Marianne finished painting the radiator. Two cans of spray paint had to be used. I bet we lost a few million braincells during the ordeal.

2002/Apr/19 at 11:36

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Band Site Sketches

I have begun implementing an band/artist event database. The database design is on paper after much thought. I haven’t really designed a database since I was in school. I think I’ve pretty much got it nailed though.

Desperately trying to get DVD working on Linux with MPlayer.

Bought three plants yesterday. The livingroom has suddenly become much more pleasant to be in. Unfortunately our ferret thinks the same. She wants to bury herself in the dirt. In a week or two we’re getting another ferret. Counter measures for dirt disasters must be implemented.

2002/Apr/14 at 16:10

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Sound Station

Went to Copenhagen with M. Primary goal was a visit to Sound Station. Asked if they had anything rare Pearl Jam. They had the Dissident box and the Singles box which I’m not sure is official. Otherwise nothing worth shelling out for.

Bought two half-expensive pillows for our future couch. They will fit nicely in I’m sure.

2001/Oct/27 at 19:09

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