OS X - Slow Boot Up With Intel X25-M SSD

I’ve got two brand spanking new MacBook Pros. One is an Core i7 and the other a Core i5 which I was experiencing slow boot up times with.

The i7 is blazingly fast and boots my Intel X25-M 160 GB SSD in around 20 seconds from pressing the power.

The i5 (2.53 Ghz) however with the same SSD was booting in 50-60 seconds. Enough time to go make coffee, read the paper and build a house. Unacceptable to say the least.

Various solutions online suggest re-installing Snow Leopard but what worked for me was resetting the PRAM. After I did that it boots like normal (~25 seconds).

Obviously the problem isn’t with the specific SSD but the fact that the PRAM is in a bad state of some sort.

How to reset the PRAM

2010/Jun/11 at 09:04

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Google Chrome for Mac / OS X Download

Google Chrome is a browser made by Google. The reason behind creating Google Chrome in a market where we have old giants like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera Software’s Opera and Apple’s Safari was the fact that Google felt the need to start from scratch and design a browser to handle the needs of today which for instance is supporting JavaScript heavy sites such as GMail.

It took me a few minutes to locate an OS X version of Google Chrome. It is still under development just like the Linux version but nightly builds can be downloaded here.

Bare in my mind that nightly builds aren’t even of beta quality.

2009/May/19 at 21:01

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autotest rspec hanging

In case you experience autotest hanging around doing nothing with your rspecs simply put RSPEC=true in front of the command or add it permanently to your environment.

RSPEC=true autotest

2009/Mar/18 at 09:23

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Why Do People Laugh at Sarah Palin

Because she’s a space cadet.

2008/Sep/28 at 14:53

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Formatting Problems with a My Book 1TB

I just got a My Book Essential Edition 1TB external hard drive.

It came formatted for Windows with a FAT32 filesystem but as I’m on OS X I wanted to repartition and change the filesystem to Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Should be easy enough using Disk Utility but it just kept bitching about some error:

“The underlying task reported failure on exit.”

Useless. No information as to what actually went wrong. Looking in the system.log (/var/log/system.log) more information was revealed.

Disk Utility[587]: newfs_hfs: /dev/rdisk1s1: partition size not a multiple of 4K.

So by changing the partitions to be a multiple of 4K everything now works.

2008/Aug/14 at 18:33

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The Story of a Passionate Life

2008/Jan/25 at 01:35

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Manually Migrating Mail on OS X

If you need to manually migrate mail between for instance Tiger and Leopard you simply need to copy the preferences mail file and the mail folder itself.

The preferences file which holds information on your accounts, signatures, rules, etc. is located here:


Transfer that to your new installation to the same folder.

Then rsync your mail folder (or transfer it in whatever way you like). Remember to close Mail on both Macs.

Make sure no Mail folder exists on the target machine below ~/Library and then rsync:

rsync -az ~/Library/Mail your_user_name@target_machine:~/Library

After that simply start Mail and it will ask for authentication details for your accounts.

2007/Nov/13 at 12:53

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The World Needs Another Lyrics Site

Yes, it does. If you do a search for ‘lyrics’ you only get a few thousand sites shoved in your face. We need one more. Lyrics Muse.

There are two twists to Lyrics Muse which makes it stand out. It’s community based so anyone who registers can edit and improve the lyrics. The most cool differentiating factor however is that if you’re a user of last.fm you will get your own personal interface to browse lyrics because Lyrics Muse tracks your listening.

In other words this makes it very easy to find the lyrics you need. It’s the primary goal of Lyrics Muse to make it as easy as possible to find lyrics. Oh, and not plaster the site with irrelevant ads and popup crap.

If you sign up please join the last.fm Lyrics Muse group here.

2007/Nov/9 at 08:53

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Rig 2007

With the plethora of great games coming out soon it was about time to invest in a new gaming rig. My 2005 era junk can’t cut it no more.

There are at least three titles I’ll want to play. Call of Duty 4 which is Battlefield 2 infantry warfare sped up. Much fun. Unreal Tournament 3 which is mostly an update of the 2004 title. Amazing graphics and more balanced play. The multiplayer demo is lots of fun.

And then there’s Crysis.

The follow-up to Far Cry. A singleplayer demo is currently out and my god is it good. Every couple of years a new game comes along that sets new standards. Crysis is one of these games. The graphics is absolutely spectacular. It is jawdroppingly good even at small resolution with low detail. You have dense forests and bush, all dynamically rendered, even at distance. When you walk into a bush the branches move and makes sound. There are so many details in this game it’s unbelievable.

Nice graphics without good gameplay obviously don’t make much of game but Crysis excels in gameplay as well. Let me put it this way. I’ve never played a singleplayer demo more than once. The Crysis nanosuit enables you to increase your speed, strength and armor or cloak yourself for a short period of time. Cloak makes it possible to sneak in on the North Korean soldiers and put a bullet in their neck. It’s fucking priceless.

So anyway to play this beast of a game I needed new hardware and went with the following:

  • Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R motherboard
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0 Ghz CPU
  • Noctua NH-U12F CPU cooler
  • 2 GB Crucial DDR2 BallistiX PC8500 RAM
  • Inno3D 8800 GT 512 MB graphics card

In 1680×1050 with all settings on high and 2xAA I get around 20 FPS which is actually quite playable. At 1360×768 with no AA the FPS increases to around 30.

2007/Nov/2 at 09:53

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Deborah Scranton: Scenes from "The War Tapes"

2007/Oct/25 at 03:01

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