Martin Moen Wulffeld

This is the personal website of Martin Moen Wulffeld. Software- and web developer.
I primarily work with Ruby on Rails.

Rolling In The Deep

Gorgeous photography of underwater creatures.

2014/May/31 at 14:14

Why Do People Laugh at Sarah Palin

Because she’s a space cadet.

2008/Sep/28 at 14:53

The Story of a Passionate Life

2008/Jan/25 at 01:35

Deborah Scranton: Scenes from "The War Tapes"

2007/Oct/25 at 03:01

Chris Cornell at Vega

We attended a spectacular show at Vega yesterday with Chris Cornell and his band performing. Was absolutely awesome. That man still has one hell of a voice.


Preaching the End of the World

2007/Aug/22 at 21:05

Why Do Atheists Care About Religion?

Here’s why:

2006/Oct/9 at 10:28

David Elsewhere Owns

David Elswhere is obviously the last guy. Amazing.

2006/Oct/8 at 23:09