This is the personal site of Martin Moen Wulffeld.

I work as a web developer currently specializing in Ruby on Rails. Aeon Blue is my one-man consultancy company.

In past jobs and bygone times I was mostly doing C/C++ work on various Linux platforms. Projects involved embedded network projects on both ARM platforms and Intel i386 to userland projects on wireless web pads (10 years before the iPad mind you). Even further back in the nineties I worked on antivirus shareware software for Commodore Amiga. Fun times!

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A Few Notable Personal Projects


Setlisting is the one of the best sites around if you're looking for setlists from your favourite artists (a setlist is simply a list of which songs an artist performed at a concert).

Shared Playlists

Shared Playlists is a site for users of music streaming applications such as Spotify to share playlists and discover new music. It can integrate with a users last.fm account and give the user recommendations for new music.

Lyrics Muse

Lyrics Muse is a mashup of last.fm tracks with lyrics. If you use last.fm Lyrics Muse makes it a breeze to see lyrics for songs you're listening to.

With Lyrics Muse you can also very easily contribute lyrics to songs instead of waiting for the site owners to add them. You can also edit existing lyrics if you find errors in them.

Beautiful Fractals

Beautiful Fractals is my blog covering my adventures in the fractal space. Free 2560x1600 wallpapers for immediate download as well.

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